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A Project for the UNESCO, Dedicated to Lifelong Learning

Stefanie Mager Brand Consulting works for industrial clients and the academia. Why we combine? Because we think that it is through an appetite for both, business challenges and fresh, application-oriented knowhow that we – and new talent successfully deliver in today’s VUCA world. Briefly speaking, we consider lifelong learning as a fundamental source of our – and thereby our clients’ sustainable success. Through a fortunate event, our viewpoint on the matter “lifelong learning” expanded: We were chosen to join a project for the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), one of the eight educational institutes of UNESCO Worldwide and part of the United Nations (UN), which represents the UN's fundamental positions on the topic. Teaching an international masterclass at the Brand University of Applied Sciences, my colleague Michael Kress, my assistant brand manager Jasmin Bei and myself reflected on UNESCO's global priorities – and, on this basis, developed concepts for the UIL’s public relations as well as their social media activities with the students. Our partner Katja Römer, Communications Officer at UIL, commented, "I was impressed by the students' detailed analysis of our work and the ideas they built on." We thank Ms. Römer and the UIL for a meaningful exchange and good collaboration on lifelong learning.
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Enabler of Decarbonisation and Stefanie Mager Brand Consulting Collaborate

The WAGO Group is one of the internationally leading suppliers of connection and automation technology as well as interface electronics. In the field of spring clamp technology, the family-run company is the world market leader. In 1951, the business started with something seemingly inconspicuous: the spring clamp. But what a difference it makes! Do you know the effort it takes to screw cables to the new ceiling light overhead via a luster terminal? Can you imagine the relief an electrician gets from a secure clamp that works like this 100 times a day: Pull the lever up, insert the conductor, push the lever back down - done? Practical WAGO solutions have since become industry standards time and time again: controlling an entire building electronically requires many connections, so distribution boxes were developed. These are to be supplied electrically: the control cabinet was added. But where is the connection to decarbonisation? Ultimately, it's about electricity. Electricity is difficult to store. So power plants produce it - e.g. for entire cities - in excess of demand, possibly consuming resources unnecessarily in order to cover it in every case. What if the exact demand could be determined from the control cabinet via digitalisation/controller, so that cities and industry could save CO₂ and protect the environment? This is exactly what WAGO makes possible: 8,500 employees ensure safety and efficiency at the highest quality level in the manufacturing industry, marine and offshore, building technology, energy technology, the automotive industry, lighting technology, railway technology and in the process industry. We are proud to have contributed to the purpose and success of one of the fastest growing medium-sized companies in Germany: As part of a team working in partnership, we systematically charged the brand story/brand narrative with core messages of the company, enabling even more effective communication towards customers and employees.
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Performing an International Brand Innovation Assessment Center on the Line

Not new: Creating and performing a brand innovation AC with a focus on entrepreneurship and marketing. Moderating versatile professions gathering to work on an all new topic and case, this time: Business economists, computer scientists, a literary professional, a geologist, marketers, a logistician, industrial designers and a psychologist. For the third time, but still new: We were meeting only online from Albania, Bosnia, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Iran, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey and the Ukraine. We introduced and used a shared workspace my colleague David Dumont had created with Zoom, Google Docs, Drive and Hangouts… plus aimed to create a personal atmosphere. It was astounding how much everyone learned from each other in two days. Ngozichukwu Mbakamma from Nigeria said: “Amazing. I was glad to be a part!” The AC demanded a high and persevering degree of mindfulness, but Corona, you could not tame those teams’ success!
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Stefanie Mager Supports the Setup of Artificial Intelligence Communication Strategies

The Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) e.V. is Hamburg's interdisciplinary, application oriented innovation center for AI, bundling cross-industry and cross-topic expertise. Contributing knowledge to AI-based processes and promoting ethical and compliant AI, fairness, explainability, robustness and security of AI systems are parts of their work. Their members include the Free and Hanseatic Town of Hamburg, universities and colleges, research institutions such as start-ups, SMEs and corporations. In the context of a master class supervision, convincing B2B services communication strategies for further brand awareness for ARIC, positive brand familiarity towards the association and the topic of AI, and brand consideration to guide potential members on to the hub were created. The team thanks ARIC founder and CLO Jan Schnedler for a challenging, exciting collaboration.
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Stefanie Mager Receives Father of the Brand Otto Group in her Lecture „B2B and Services Marketing“

Sharing views with successful, congenial people is smart and inspiring. That´s why Stefanie Mager regularly invites customers or colleagues, like the marketing strategist Thorsten Stradt, into her lectures for Brand Management students of the „Brand University“. Amongst others, he founded the brand "Otto Group" and supported OBI and A.T.U. as CMO. Thank you for your insightful advice, Thorsten!
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Corona Support

As a company that can support in this sense, we wrote to the Free and Hanseatic Town of Hamburg to offer additional hands in the organisation or communication of vaccinations. If anyone would like to know the response or the correct e-mail-address to doing so too, please send us a message.

Stefanie Mager Coaches Brand Innovation-Masters to the Next Success of the Schwarzkopf Family’s Winery “Can Axartell”

Schwarzkopf, a member of Henkel, is not only known as one of the three largest hair cosmetics brands in the world. The family also runs "Can Axartell", an organic winery in Mallorca that is reviving the island's agricultural roots. Its latest creation is "Velomar" – a fresh drop reminiscent of sunny days on the beach. On behalf of the Brand University of Applied Sciences, Stefanie Mager coached international master's students as part of a practical project. Read more about the positive customer feedback on cleanly derived, creative market entry concepts of the young colleagues – and don't hesitate to contact us to prepare the successful market launch of your innovation!
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Stefanie Mager Brand Consulting Introduces Recruitment Marketing at the LI (Free and Hanseatic Town of Hamburg)

We have emerged a recruitment marketing training for the State Institute for Teacher Training and School Development (LI). The LI, which is assigned to the Authority for School and Vocational Training of the Free and Hanseatic Town of Hamburg, ensures the continuous education of teachers and the quality of schools and teaching throughout the city state. In Germany, “shortage of teachers” has become a buzzword. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the gap between required and existing teachers will double within the next five years. Hamburg’s 900 educational institutions may now start to outline their versatile assets and benefits to onboard the active dialoge and recruit fitting professionals, dedicated to ensure the continued top-training of meanwhile 200k pupils.
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Stefanie Mager Brand Consulting Contributes to Relaunch of the B2B-Brand Dialog/Generali Group

It was exciting to collaborate with the ambitious colleagues of Landor, Hamburg, who supported Dialog Insurance, member of the Generali Group, to make the extension and digitization of their B2B services visible. The new, category-unique, repeatedly rewarded design shows the strength of visual communication: To make complex topics more graspable. Thank you for a great brand management task to Andreas Gruss and colleagues, as well as to the team of Dialog.
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Stefanie Mager Brand Consulting Supports Brand Conception of the B2B Online Platform Visable

Stefanie Mager is happy to having contributed to the development of the corporate brand Visable. Visable is both: A long-established company and a part of the platform economy: Part of Visable is « Wer liefert was », Germany’s, Austria’s and Switzerland’s leading B2B marketplace. Further internationalization and a growing portfolio of online marketing services laid the foundation for a common addressor, enabling medium-sized enterprises to become more visible online throughout Europe. Thank you to the team around Doreen Schlicht and Michael Schimming.
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